Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Master Bedroom

We finally did it! We finished our master bedroom! It's been so close for months but it has just been sitting there. The 2 last things we had to do were hang the TV (which means hide the cords in the wall) and make our headboard for our bed. I didn't think I could do either one alone (and I really couldn't do one) and I just never got around to setting up a time to get assistance. 

Last Friday I walked into my bedroom and saw my TV laying against the wall for the hundredth time and thought "That's it. This gets fixed right now." I got on YouTube (my go-to for almost every project) and researched how to hide cables in the wall. I already had a TV mount that we used in our old house. I went to Lowes and came home and just did it. It wasn't hard at all! I just needed the right kind of motivation. Matt was at church working on the sound booth while this was happening. He had no idea what I was doing at home. She's a beaut, Clark!

I then texted my dad a picture of my TV hanging handiwork then asked him if I could come over Sunday and work on my headboard. He has all of the cool tools and definitely the woodworking skills I lack.  He had wood laying around everywhere. I showed him a few pics of what I liked and he whipped the whole thing up in about an hour. He ended up making it out of some fence planks he had a ton of. He's so cool. And so talented. I really don't know what I'd do without him and his skills and desire to help me. I stained it with leftover dark wood stain I used on my dining room table.

So now our bedroom is complete! Such a happy feeling.



We lived like this for a few months because we're classy neighbors.


We painted the walls the same as the living room, Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Such a soothing blue that's just right.

We had a hand me down queen bed in our last house and we've been dying for a king. Since we were picking out new bedding for our new bedroom anyways we decided to go ahead and get king bedding and get our big bed we've always wanted! I searched Memphis up and down for the best deal. I found it at Overstock Outlet. It's the most amazing place with the most random stuff imaginable. I'm obsessed with it. It's on Summer next to Garden Ridge, Mattress Firm Outlet, Aarons, and Royal. I found the most comfortable, brand new pillow top king mattress and box springs for $500. I couldn't find even close to that price anywhere else. We love it. It's so hard to leave in the mornings because it's so comfy. We got the metal bed frame it's sitting on on Amazon for under $99 and that's it! My dad made the awesome headboard with materials he already had making that free and I got most of my bedding from my family for Christmas last year.

White ruffle comforter: Overstock.Com
White down comforter: Amazon
White duvet cover: Amazon
Burlap bed skirt: BallardDesigns.Com
King Serta pillows: $7 each at Tuesday Morning
White Brookstone temp control sheets: Tuesday Morning
Orange button pillows: Home Goods
Polka dot beige pillows: Etsy
Beige fringe throw: $12 at TJ Maxx
Mattress protector: Amazon

Our dresser and freshly hung TV thanks to the ever so faithful YouTube.

I got the tray at Tuesday Morning and the bird for a few bucks at Hobby Lobby.

I got the brown lamps at Overstock Outlet as well for $4.99 a piece. They still had the Bed Bath and Beyond sticker on them that said $30. I got the shades at Garden Ridge for about $13 each. So less than $20 each for the new lamps!

So about the bedside tables. We had the one with doors in our old house. It went with our dresser. My dad always keeps his eye out for things on the side of the road because he knows I love sketchy treasures. Don't judge me. I've found so many cool things on the road! He found a bedside table one day, picked it up and brought it to me! It was just what I needed. It was weird because I had been researching where to get a bedside table for weeks and never told my dad about it. Pretty cool. I obviously wasn't going to leave it teal and lime green and I wanted the 2 bedside tables I had to look uniform even though they are different.

I replaced all of the hardware on the dresser and wooden bedside table below while we were in our old house. It was bronze and really outdated before. I bought a big package of brushed nickel handles instead of buying them individually since I needed so many. I had 3 leftover that I saved and I actually knew where they were after the move. How many handles does the new bedside table need? THREE! The Lord provides. The bottom drawer did have holes for a handle that was larger than the top 2 that didn't fit my handles that I had. I just puttied the holes, sanded it, put new holes in it with my drill and you can't tell the difference! I may be cheap but it pays off.

I wanted to paint them the same as our dining room table. The table is chalk painted vintage white with a clear and dark wax finish. In my dining room post I talked about my weird relationship with chalk paint. I wasn't impressed so I had the color matched at Farrell Calhoun so I could finish my room and paint my china cabinet the same color without spending $40 more on a quart. I spent $8 on a quart of latex to match the vintage white chalk paint and it covered so much better and looks just the same. So I have like a teaspoon of chalk paint left so that's not going to cover my bedside tables but I had a ton of the latex left. I thought I'd try it out and put the waxes on it just like I did the dining table. I didn't know if it would act the same with the wax since it wasn't the chalk paint texture. It did exactly the same thing and looks identical to the dining table. There is a huge difference in the cost and I can't tell the difference! It covered much better too.

I was so proud of Elphie's little dog bed in her cage. She had a little cage liner in there before but it was bright purple and she had worn it almost flat. I started looking for her a new one but they started at like $30 at Walmart and Amazon and they weren't very pretty. I was at Ross one day and happened upon this one. It is big, fluffy and soft and matches our bedroom perfectly! It was only $10! She's in it all the time with the door open. She loves being comfy.

I put a little clear Command hook on the sides of the tables so we can hang our phone cords on them. Super convenient. No more searching in the dark!

I tested out the orange in my bedroom with a leftover swatch of orange fabric I had leftover from another project. I ended up loving the contrast between the light blue and the deep orange and bought the orange pillows for my bed and loved it even more. Now I love pops of orange. Who knew?

I got our orange curtains at Target. They were on sale and I ended up getting both panels for like $45. I previously (like up till this week) had beige ikat curtains. Ever since my orange theme came about (after I purchased my ikat curtains) I thought about what it'd be like to have orange curtains to match the orange pillows. I loved the other ones but they kinda clashed with my burlap bed skirt. Something no one would notice but me. But it bugged me a little. I was casually browsing the curtain aisle at Target the other day (looking for a completely unrelated item...oh Target and your magical powers) and couldn't walk away from these curtains. AND they were on sale for $26 per panel + I get 5% off of every purchase with my Red Card. I thought I'd take them home but if I didn't like them I could always bring them back, right! I held them up and knew they weren't going back. I loved them too much. I love the way they tie in with the bed pillows and brighten up the room a little more. The orange isn't as bright in person as it is in the pictures.They're the same tone as the pillows. I did take out the hem and resew them a little longer. Easy fix. I just love them.

I plan on putting the ikat curtains (above pic) in the spare bedroom or possibly the nursery (but probably the spare room). Our spare bedroom is full of stuff we're getting rid of at the moment. And I mean it's FULL. I hope to have a garage sale in the fall when it gets cooler to get rid of it. It definitely needs to happen before our baby gets here. It's pretty ratchet. The nursery is a bit of a storage room right now as well. But not for long! Anddd I'm super sidetracked.

I got this chair at a garage sale in Heber Springs. It was like $5. I got 2 of them. One I painted differently and it lives in Matt's office. When I bought them they were just out of style and ugly. After I got them home I was like why did I buy these. They sat in my attic for a few years with no where to go. When we moved I uncovered them and I love them now. I love the vintage feel of them. I painted this one with leftover trim paint and sanded it to make it look even more vintage. It's perfect. Matt sits there every morning to put on his shoes. My mom got me the cute burlap monogrammed pillow for Christmas. It came from Etsy.

I got this little stool for free at a garage sale a long time ago. It was so beat up and nasty the guy just told me I could have it. I spruced it up in our old house to match it and I did it again to match our current house! Click here to see it's real before and first after. And now it has a second after. I bought fabric to cover the chair I have downstairs in the living room at the built in desk on my bookshelves. I had some leftover and it just so happened to match my bedroom perfectly as well. I got the fabric at Premier Fabrics in Germantown.

Above is my wedding shadow box I made a few years ago with part of my bouquet, Matt's boutonniere, my garter, my headband, a napkin with our wedding details, a picture, and some lace from my mom's dress that I used to wrap my bouquet in.

We replaced the little mirror that was there before with this $40 one from Garden Ridge and replaced the light fixture with this drum fixture I found on Amazon! It's more contemporary than I usually go for but I really liked it.

I used a tie organizer to organize my necklaces behind the bathroom door. It's perfect for that! I got it a few years ago at The Home Depot. I got the framed art like 4 years ago for $20 at Ross. Can't beat that!

I  framed more left over orange fabric for a cheap art alternative. I got the basket at Target a few years ago.

Our bathroom takes terrible pics but I love our textured ivory floral shower curtain. I found it on BedBathandBeyond.Com (didn't find it in stores)!

One of the first things I did when I moved in was deep clean the bathrooms. I don't like germs or other people's moldy showers. I cleaned them the best I could then used Grout Refresh to handle what couldn't be done. I love the stuff. Some before and afters are below but check out the link here to read more about it!

Our bedroom has 2 attics attached to it. One is over the garage on the 2nd floor right next to our bathroom. It's pretty big. The other one is behind our little chair and it goes to the 3rd floor and it is huge! This made me so happy. Our last house had a pull down attic. I kept a lot of stuff up there (half of my wardrobe, packing boxes when I sold stuff online, half of my kitchen, seasonal decor, etc) and was constantly going up and down and it was such a hassle. Now it's so easy to access anything I might need. And thank goodness I now have more actual room in my house to store things so I don't have to keep as much in the attic.

My point in telling you about the attics is that one day in the far far future (I'm talking when we're finished having kids and pretty settled in life) we're discussing making our 2nd floor attic a big master bath. We'd knock out the wall between the current walk in closet and the current bathroom to open that up to make a big walk in closet. We'd still have a big attic upstairs for storage. It's also a possibility to make a door in the new bathroom to a little craft room back there if we end up needing my current craft room for another bedroom. I gotta have a place to sew and make stuff! Again, far far future. We have quite enough on our plates at the moment. And I hear kids are expensive so no major projects for us right now since we have one bakin.

That's about it in the master bedroom world. Can't wait to decorate the next room for my babe!!

And here's a picture of Elphie because she's cute.

2016 UPDATE:

In typical Katie fashion, after 2 years I felt this burning need to redecorate my bedroom. I didn't like my collage wall. It was so...uninspiring. I wanted to incorporate more color as well.

I love the color the new collage wall added to the space. I've always been hesitant to mix patterns and shades of colors together. A few months ago, however, I made my daughter some cute ruffle pants that mixed a few patterned fabrics. Those pants were my inspiration here. I thought I'd be bold and go for it. I mixed plates, embroidery hoops, pictures and a glass cross. The plates came from TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target. Embroidery hoops are super cheap and basically any craft/fabric store. I got the beige paisley fabric and Joanne and the other 2 fabrics at Hancock. The cross came from Hobby Lobby and the frames came from Marshalls. I love my "It is Well" print from Instant Trends on Etsy.

The frames above my bed were $12 each at Home Goods. They had exactly 3 which is just the amount I needed! The lamp shades on our bedside lamps were $13 each at At Home (previously Garden Ridge).

I only got 2 new pillows (the floral ones). I looked for days to find the perfect pillows with both orange and the 2 shades of blue I was using. I finally found these on! Of course they only had 1 available. I waited a few days and checked back and they had restocked and they were on sale for $17 each! They're a linen fabric and very nice quality. I used my Target Redcard and got free shipping + 5% off. They even had a deal going on where you get $10 off of $50 on home decor items so I got a cute little rug for Presley's playroom as well that ended up only costing $13 out of pocket.

Lastly I got a new mercury glass lamp for our dresser from TJ Maxx fo $30 which included the lamp shade. I got the fake greenery (looks like it's made out of some sort of wood) from Pier One for about $15.

Here are pics of my update:

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