Friday, October 21, 2011

Garage Sale Goodies: Updated Furniture

In the past year I've become obsessed with garage sales. At some point some of my people started insisting that I was becoming a hoarder. Like any hoarder would, I denied having a problem and...just kidding...I'm not a people are crazy. I might like collecting things, but lets be honest, there's no way I could have 4932 dead cats in my house and not know it. There's no way I could ever become a hoarder because I'm too crazy about organization and things being clean...BUT I do like to be creatively inspired by seemingly ugly or ordinary things (ie things you would typically find at a garage sale)!  Here are some of my projects that I've conducted from my latest garage sale finds!

First, dining room table chairs. I found 6 of these chairs at a garage sale for about $13 a piece (and they threw in 1 for'll see that one later). They are super sturdy and the color matched my house, they just needed a little work!!

My momma came over and we cleaned the chairs really good and took the bottoms off with a screwdriver. We got some new padding at Hobby Lobby and this super cute fabric from Premier Fabrics.

We threw away the old padding and that disqusing stained fabric and replaced it with the new padding and covered the bottoms with the new fabric.

It's like a whole new chair and it was so inexpensive!

We got one chair for free because the previous owners never painted it for some reason. Here's a picture of it:

It came with a bottom, but I had already taken it off when I took this picture. Anyways, I just painted it red and covered it in the same way I covered the others. I also painted another chair red so that 2 would be the same and not just 1. Here is this final product:

This didn't come from a garage sale, but it did come from my inlaws attic. I was in need of a dining room table and they so graciously let me use their old table that they used to homeschool their kids on (ie my husband). It has sentimental value. Here it is:

Momma helped me with this too. We painted the top red and the bottom a nice chocolate brown and sealed it with a clear coat that we got in the paint section at Lowes.

My chairs match it perfectly!!

Next, at the same garage sale where I got the chairs, they gave me this stool FOR FREE! How kind. It may look like poo in this picture, but if you look past that, the poo turnes into pootential (I couldn't resist that one...sorry)

I used leftover paint from the table and fabric/padding from the chairs and in about 20 minutes the ugly, free stool was turned into a cute, free stool.

The rest of the things I actually found in my parent's attic and stole (with their permission, of course).

First, I found a little wooden chair. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture. But it was just plain. I added some green Behr paint/primer in 1 and let it dry. After that I painted a flower on the bottom with my acryic paints that I would use to paint a canvas with. I wrote "faith" at the top with a Sharpie. When I was finished I covered it with a layer of the clear coat that I used for the table so the paint wouldn't wear off. Here is the final product!

Lastly,  found this really old white dresser.

I did the same thing to this that I did to my previous chair. Green paint, acrylic paint, and a clear coat! I also went to Hobby Lobby and got some new drawer pulls.

That's all for now, folks! So what did we learn here? Next time you're garage saleing, try to turn the poo into pootential!

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