Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Decor 2014

Hello there! I'm so excited because it's the (second) most wonderful time of the year!! Fall!! I'm obsessed. Cooler weather and pumpkins make everything just better. October is just a wonderful month for so many different reasons. 

I've been so busy lately with stuff going on with the house and just life (hence the lack of frequent posts). We had a gender reveal party in early September that I decorated for for a whole month. Matt thought I was legit insane. I had a booth at the Germantown Festival for my little bow business, Katie Bug Bows ( I sewed for that for months which took up a ton of my time. I took down the gender party decorations after the festival was all over and done with then we went on a wonderful vacation. Matt and I went to Seattle then an Alaskan cruise for a week. So nice and relaxing. Definitely recommend. Then we came home and I had a lot of bowtie orders to fill. I made my first man bowties for a wedding and made lots of boy bowties for different people. That took a whole week. After that I finally had time to start working on our daughter's nursery! I'm going crazy with the pink. Her room is coming together and I am loving it. I sit in there every day and just stare at it. I can't believe we'll have a little girl in our arms in 3 months. Mind blowing. During the nursery craziness (that's not entirely finished) I found a little bit of time to decorate for fall! Since we're in a new house I have to find new places to put everything. I actually enjoy doing that. I love the challenge. I can't wait till Christmas this year! It might be a little more challenging than usual since I'll be 8 months pregnant but it's happening. No question. So I've been super busy the past month. It has really worn me out but I've really enjoyed it. I have a pretty chill life so it's definitely different. And I still have so much to come! I spent this week setting up for a garage sale (that was supposed to be tomorrow but with the weather it's lookin like next weekend), still have to finish the nursery, finish our Halloween costumes, I have another booth for my bows at the Central Church Holiday Market coming up in late October, and a jr high youth weekend retreat to attend. So my point is that I didn't do as much to decorate as I normally do but it's still festive so that's all that matters.

Here are my decorations from last year in the old house:

Since I have an actual mantle now of course I had to make a banner!! I'm obsessed with banners. Every occasion is the perfect occasion for a banner. This one was super cheap and so easy and quick to make. 

I got the burlap triangles at Hobby Lobby. They were near the scrapbooking stuff. They have this one magical aisle that has everything you need to make the perfect banner. And it's right next to the cute scrapbook paper so it's perfect! They come in packs of 4 and they were 50% off so I think they were around $2 a pack. So super cheap. I picked out some scrapbook paper I liked and measured and cut out triangles 1 inch smaller than the burlap ones on each side. I hot glued the paper to the burlap. I hung it on a piece of jute I already had and used clothespins to attach them. I decided to write "Thankful" in sharpie since Thanksgiving is coming up!! We're feeling especially thankful this year with our new house and new human. Every day is a good day to be thankful. God is so faithful.

I made the button pumpkin last year with buttons found amongst my craft supplies. I think I got the little burlap canvas at Hobby Lobby. 

Another thing I made this year was my door decor. I normally have some fake sunflowers I put out. We had a red door at our old house and they stood out and looked so festive up against it. Now we have a blue door and they just got lost and looked weird. I wasn't impressed. Plus it was a wonderful excuse for me to make something new! I decided to make a pumpkin out of an embroidery hoop. I got it at Joann's for $5 along with the fabric and ribbon. I had a 20% off coupon too so this whole project was about $10-15 depending on what you have on hand. I got the letter at Hobby Lobby and painted it white. It's  pretty self explanatory. I really like it and it really stands out on our door. 

 Last year I made some window monsters. My neighbs probably think I"m crazy but I think they're hilarious so that's all that matters right? I just drew them on a black posterboard and cut them out. So cheap and easy. 

 The last thing I did wasn't my best attempt at a centerpiece but it was an attempt. It's just a basket of my favorite gourdies. Super easy. I got the basket at Michaels last year and my bag of gourds came from Walmart for less than $3. The pumpkin is a pie pumpkin from Kroger for $2. I love my burlap runner. I'd make it myself but burlap is such a pain to sew. I made lined burlap panels for my dining window and I almost threw them out the window to die. They just unravel and make you want to set them on fire. They don't look very good but ehhh they work for now. But anyways, they have burlap runners at Hobby Lobby on the party decor aisle for $6. Use your 40% off coupon and they're pretty cheap. The fabric would cost more than that for a runner and it's not worth the pain. Trust me. The jars have coffee beans and tea candles in them. Super easy but still festive!

I hope you feel inspired to make somethin festive!! Stay tuned for Halloween costumes, gender reveal party decor, and eventually a nursery post!! The nursery post will probably actually come after she's born in January. We're not announcing her name till she's born and I plan on putting a fat monogram above her crib. Can't upload pics of that till later! But I'll write most of it before then so I can post it soon after she's born. Until then, enjoy the weather and happy fall!!!

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