Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grout Refresh

Once I started seeing an end to all of my physical labor that I was trying to get done on the house in an unrealistic amount of time, I decided to work on another aspect of the house:  Deep cleaning! One thing that bugged me the first time I saw the house was the tile grout, specifically in the master bathroom. It really wasn't that bad but yucky grout is one of those things that just really drives me crazy. In our last house we had the same problem. I found my solution on Pinterest. It's called Grout Refresh. It's wonderful. Here's the link to when I did it before:

My last shower was always dirty. I scrubbed it constantly but the white grout always looked discolored. I used brown grout refresh to make it better. I would've used white but they didn't have it in stock when I went to buy it so I thought it didn't exist. The brown was good in that when it got dirty it wasn't as noticeable. With the white underneath it, however, it started wearing off in places as time went by and the white started showing through and it started looking kind of dingy. It still looked way better than it did before I did it. 

This grout refresh project in the new house was on the backburner of my brain. I knew I wanted to do it eventually but I had a lot of other projects on the mind. I was at Lowes a few weeks ago getting grout for our new entry floor when I saw the Grout Refresh section on the same aisle. They had white!! This changes things. I had to do it right away. I bought it ($11 for a small bottle but it goes a long way...I did 2 bathrooms and still have a lot left). I'm beyond happy with the results. It looks like the tile/grout is brand new. It's so sparkly. I find myself staring at it for no reason. I definitely recommend getting a Grout Refresh that matches your current grout. It makes things so much easier and looks so much better.

All you do is clean your surface, apply grout refresh with a toothbrush, wait 30 minutes to an hour, spritz with water, wait 5 minutes, then wipe off the excess on the tile. On the floor tile I squirted it directly on the floor and moved it around with the tooth brush. On the wall tile I put it on the toothbrush then put it on the grout. You can't walk on it for 2 hours or get it wet for 24 hours. I did my 2 bathrooms over a week. I was originally going to do them in 1 day but we couldn't go 24 hours without bathing. Neither of our showers would have been able to get wet for a day. Things may have gotten weird. So I did the master (we bathed in the other bathroom during that time) and then a week later I did the other bathroom. 

And here are some pics!!

Master Bath

Floor Before and After

Shower Tile Before and After



Other Upstairs Full Bath

Floor Before and After


Shower Before (This wasn't bad but I did everything else so went ahead and did this too)

Shower After

I'm so happy with the results. Definitely worth the labor it took to do it. It's not hard at all. It's mindless and goes by pretty fast when listening to your favorite Pandora station (mine being a combination of Michael Buble, John Mayer, and Disney...don't judge me). Let me know if you decide to do this! I love before and after pics.


  1. The results are very impressive! Cleaning the grout can be quite tricky. It takes a lot of patience before one could even finish the entire area. But seeing them as pristine as before makes the whole thing worth it. Kudos on a job well done! Cheers!

    Nathan Riley @ Stanley Steemer

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