Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dorm Crafts

3 posts in 1 day? I must be crazy! This is a quick post, however. I meant to do it back in August but looks like I forgot. Before my sister-in-law Anna went to college she came over and we had a craft day! We made all sorts of crafts for her dorm room at Cornell University.  I was so excited because I even got to go with my in-laws to take her to college all the way up in Ithaca, NY (only 17 hours big deal). 

Here are a few pics!

 We got this frame at Hobby Lobby and just glued the black and white polka-dotted flower on it. Probably the easiest thing you could possibly do. Look how cute!

 Lookin good craftin

 I made this initial from scrapbook paper and this letter. We got all of our supplies at Hobby Lobby. I cut out strips of paper and put them on the letter until it was covered and Mod Podged everything into place. I cut out the circles with my fancy circle cutters then Mod Podged them on top! 
Note: Her dorm decorations were all black, white, and red (AKA Cornell colors)

I had her Mod Podge a bunch of pics onto canvases. In the middle one she painted polka dots and Mod Podged a picture of her and her boyfriend in the center (with some scrapbook paper behind it). 

Her desk.

 We got that little bulletein board at Hobby Lobby and I wrote her monogram on it with a Sharpie!

Here are some crafts she made for her boyfriend, who goes to Mississippi State.
The bottom picture has Jeremiah 29:11 written around it. 

 I love her!

Anddddd a few pics of the Cornell campus because it's so beautiful!

Organize Your Headbands

What do headbands and oatmeal have in common, you may ask? EVERYTHING! Well...actually nothing but I did find something cool on Pinterest that involves both! It's a headband organizer made from an oatmeal container. Clever, right? If only it was my idea. This was so easy and so convenient!!

I got the oatmeal at Target (Target brand for about $3). I put the oats in a Tupperware container to save for later (although that was probably a waste of my life because we'll probably never eat it). I removed the label, painted the whole thing brown with acrylic paint, Mod Podged it (of course) then put some leftover fabric from my bathroom around it. I had that white fabric flower leftover from a previous craft project. Voila!!

My bathroom is pink and brown so it matched perfectly!

I put some more fabric headbands and things inside it (so if next time you see me wearing a headband and my hair smells like oats you know why).

So there you have it! Happy headband organizing!

I Believe in Miracles - Unshrink Your Pants!

I DO believe in miracles! I have possibly found one of the most incredible remedies the world has ever seen. Did you know that you can UNSHRINK your shrunken clothes??? 

I love stretchy comfy pants but they shrink so bad in the dryer! I end up wearing them once and having to buy a new pair because the old ones shrank like 2 feet (or so it felt like). I recently started going to the University of Memphis gym twice a week to do my exercises after class (I honestly never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth).  It's starting to get chilly (hallelujah) and I need my stretchy comfy pants! Of course...they're all way too short. When I saw a way to unshrink them on Pinterest I thought it was too good to be true. But then I's Pinterest! When has it ever steered me wrong before?? I had to try it.


Here's the link:

I did it on 4 different pairs of pants and now all of them have been revived. I can wear them again!!

All you need is baby shampoo and 2 towels per pair of pants (for drying).

Here are some pics!!

Before & After
(Please excuse these bad's hard to take a picture of your own feet from the side...just fyi)
Some of my other pairs were shorter but look at the difference!!

 Soaking them in baby shampoo in the sink

Rolling them up to absorb some moisture

 Rollin up more pants!
Note: This was when my husband got home from work. Our little kitchen was just covered in wet pants and he didn't even ask what I was doing...he just said "you saw this on Pinterest didn't you?"...he knows me too well.

Unrollin the pants. After you unroll them, gently tug on each leg...stretching the fabric out to your desired length.
(Elphie was very interested in my tactics...she oversaw the drying process)

 I thought it was funny how you could see the absorbed water...I'm easily entertained I know.

 Then I laid them out on fresh dry towels to dry!

Never get rid of your shrunken pants again! Try this!! It really works.

Do you believe in miracles (you sexy thing you)?