Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sugar Cookies!!

Stop what you're doing! I have found it! What you've all been looking for. The perfect sugar cookie recipe. I'm obsessed with sugar cookies. By far my favorite of the cookies in the cookie kingdom. Every time I've made them in the past they haven't been completely right. They may have had a good flavor but there has always been something about them that was missing. I wasn't sure how this recipe was going to turn out because I've been led astray before. But not this time. However I will say that the website is called "yummy healthy easy." That I will have to argue with. Not that they're yummy or easy but don't be fooled. They are in NO way healthy...unless you have a distorted idea about the "nutritional" contents in butter. So if healthy is what you're looking for turn away now because once you try these you may not be able to stop.

Things with the house are finally settling down (aka I don't get home from work every single day at 1 and work on the house till the wee hours of the night). Most of the physical labor is done so I am actually finding time to rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor. In lots of cases that means baking delicious goodies. I had 3 baking days in a row this week. THREE! I hadn't baked in a month and a half and I just really needed it. I love all of the space in my new kitchen. It's a dream come true. So much room for activities!!

So back to the cookies. I wanted to make Matt something special for Valentines. The day before I had made 6 dozen mini cupcakes for my sweet kids at work and knew I'd have plenty leftover to share with him. The day after Valentines I made almost 100 cupcakes for my best friend's bridal shower. For him I didn't want to make the usual. I also knew we'd be drowning in cupcakes and wanted to munch on something a little different. That's when I turned to Pinterest to find a recipe. Here's the link:

Every Valentines day since we've been together (7 years on Feb 10) Matt has made me pink heart-shaped waffles. Well, last year he was on a business trip for a month and we celebrated together via Facetime but every other year we've done it. It's a tradition that his mom started with her kids when they were little. I love not having to get out on Valentines. It's so relaxing just staying home in our pjs eating pink waffles and drinking milk. Things even got a little crazy this year and we watched Aladdin. He's the best. I'm so thankful for him.

Here are a few pics of the other cupcakes I made this week:

So excited for Ryann. She's getting married in less than a month! So honored to be her Matron of Honor. I seriously can't wait to see her become Mrs. Bird!!

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