Friday, February 7, 2014

Upstairs Bathroom Makeover

Another thing we've finished within the last few days is our upstairs full bathroom. We have 4 bedrooms upstairs including the master (which has its own attached bathroom). This other bathroom I wanted to have a little fun with. The vanities were updated right before the house was put on the market. I really love them. The mirrors, however, needed a little love. They weren't even hung up. I found them in the attic. Here are some before pics.

Here is what it looks like now!

I really love the wall color. It's Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. It's very...well...agreeable. One website that has been very helpful when it comes to choosing colors is You can type in, for example, "Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams" and it'll give you room after room painted in that color. It gives you a lot of different perspectives and shows how the color looks in different lights. You can look up practically anything there and even save the pics. It's kind of like Pinterest but just for houses. 

This color, in my opinion, is the perfect gray. It's subtle and neutral but still really trendy and in style. One of the best things about it is that it doesn't turn blue on the wall. A lot of grays have a tendency to do that. I also painted it in my craft/sewing room. I'll upload pics of that when I work on it a little more. 

I saw the shower curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond and immediately fell in love with it. It's so bright and cheery. I couldn't walk away. I based the other colors around it.

I took the back off of the lovely golden mirrors and just spray painted them. I love Valspar's spray paint colors. You can get them at Lowes. I chose a pretty blue. After they dried I sanded them a little to give them more of a rustic feel. $4 projects are way more fun than dropping $100 for new mirrors. I love the pop of color they add to the room too (since the shower curtain is technically in the next room). 

I found the shutters that I hung above the potty on the side of the road like 4 years ago. My family thinks I'm a hoarder. I didn't have a place to put them then so they lived in my attic for 4 years. I finally found the perfect place for them in our new house. I spray painted them with the same blue spray paint and voila!! Here's a before:

The furniture between the vanities I've had for a long time as well. When I was 16 all I wanted for Christmas was bathroom furniture. My family had recently moved and I needed a place in my bathroom to put my towels and things. That furniture is what I got from my grandma. I love it so much. When I moved out of my parents' house, however, I didn't have a place for it so I left it there. My brother filled it full of Xbox games and DVDs and put it in his new media room after I got married and left for good (rip old bedroom). time had come. I had the perfect place for it in our new house so I stole it back. I had to bracket it to the wall at the top to keep it from leaning but that wasn't a big deal.

I got this little chair from my grandma a long time ago. I think she got it at a garage sale. I gave it a little makeover with the same blue spray paint and new fabric and now it's perfect in this bathroom!



My grandma was selling this little white window mirror at a garage sale and I swept it up. Perfect for this space. That door leads to the playroom.

In the future I'll probably replace the vanity light glass on the wall sconces. Not a huge fan of the current ones. That's pretty low on the priority list now, though.

Another thing I love about this bathroom is the massive linen closet. I loved our old East Memphis house so much but we didn't have a lot of storage at all. Everything was so crammed full. It's so liberating having so much space where I can spread out and really organize my things. Here's what I have in that big closet:

 I have 2 3-drawer containers full of all of our meds labeled by ailment/type.
I also have a 3 drawer container with drawers labeled "sunscreen", "shave", and "dental."

In my free time I like to coupon. I used to be pretty good at it. CVS is a great place for that. I would stock up on razors and replacement blades. Still trying to figure out why those things have to be so expensive. I keep them in the "shave" drawer so whenever we need a new one we know where to find it. I do the same thing with the dental drawer. You know all of those toothbrushes and dental flosses you get at the dentist? Those go there. Matt needed some dental floss the other night and he knew exactly where to find it. In the bottom of the closet I have 2 big bins: "Toiletry Overstock" and "Travel Toiletries." In the travel-sized one I keep, obviously, all of the travel-sized things we come across. Within the bin I have everything organized by gallon-sized baggie. For instance, there's a bag of shampoo, bag of conditioner, bag of get the picture. Now whenever we go on a trip we go there first to see if we can find what we need. My overstock bin is for excess things we use all the time like soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant...things of that nature. I got a lot of this couponing as well. If I see my Tresemme shampoo on sale plus I have a coupon I always buy it and put it here. When I do need it I already have it and know exactly where it is. Soap mostly comes with a lot of bars. Now you have a place to store them till you need them! I know I know...don't judge me.

I'm working on a lot of things right now. Most things are finished and I'm just waiting for 1 big thing to complete the room (ie couches, new bed, table for my sewing machine, etc). Hopefully they'll be finished soon!


I found these cute frames at Hobby Lobby 50% off and couldn't resist them. I had no idea where I wanted to put them but found the perfect places when I walked by my upstairs bath. The colors blended so well. I had no idea how naked my walls were in there until they weren't naked any more.

The larger one says "Start each day with a grateful heart" which I think is so important. I often don't take that advice to heart and dwell on every little thing that goes wrong/not as planned. I also hate morning so I couldn't DEFINITELY use some work in this department. I pray that my child (and future children) will understand the importance of this at an early age. It's so refreshing to walk into Presley's room every morning and see her just so excited to see me and begin her day. She's just like her dad in that area. I want to be more like you, Pres. Please stay that way forever. It was only $9 at Hobby Lobby.

The smaller one is just a coral watercolor arrow that was..wait for it..only FIVE DOLLARS! WHAT A DEAL! It brings out the little bit of coral in the larger picture and ties it in with the coral shower curtain in the room it leads in to.

I loved this mini makeover and it costs a whole $14.


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