Saturday, March 29, 2014

Craft Room

We finally got our living room couches!! We love them. We're so excited that that room is finally coming together. I'll post pictures of it soon. It still needs a rug but for the most part it's finished!! Another reason I was so excited to get our new couches was so our old couch could be moved up to my craft room. So now my craft room is complete! I love it so much. I basically haven't left it since it's been finished. I just started a bowtie and hairbow business called Katie Bug Bows and I love sewin them in there. I also just caught up on my scrapbooking. My whole life is documented from 6th grade to this week. My sweet escape. Creating things in this room is like therapy for me.

Now you might like to see some pictures of the finished project. My things don't really match but I think that's kind of the beauty of it. All sorts of styles and colors coming together in a mod podge kind of a way. I planned on painting all 4 walls Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams (which I also painted here). I ran out of paint when I had 1 wall left. That's when I had the idea to make an accent wall. I originally wanted a deep coral but it really didn't match anything I had so I went with a pink that went with a lot more. It's called Warm Pink and I think it's by Valspar.



The "Mrs Hedgepeth" banner I actually made for my sister-in-law's bridal shower a little over a year ago. It just happened to be my name too. The "Baby Hedge" banner I made for my baby's gender reveal party along with the blue and pink tissue paper balls on both sides of the "Mrs Hedgepeth" banner. The table and chairs were left in our previous East Memphis house by the owners. I gave the chairs a bit of a makeover but they're still not the prettiest. They get the job done, however, and they're super comfy. The desk was my grandfather's very first work desk. One of our family's oldest pieces of furniture. I polished the wood and replaced the drawer pulls with ribbon scraps and it's now the perfect sewing table. 

Last summer my grandma and I made a tshirt quilt (click here for the quilt tutorial). I learned to sew by watching her work her magic with the machine. Ever since then I've been glued to my machine (which I stole from my mother....don't worry, she knows about it). 

This was the cheapest window treatment! I got a $1.50 rod (get at Walmart or Target or really anywhere) and I just tied ribbon and fabric/burlap scraps on it till it was full. 

Another thing we bought recently was blinds. You don't know how important they are until you have to go without them for 2 months. I hung all 11 of them while Matt was gone one day. I love power tools. I also loved looking out my windows all day. Something I've never really done before. It made me love my neighborhood so much more. I saw probably 15 families walk by my house on a Saturday stroll with their dogs. Such a warm environment. I can't wait to raise our kids here. God always provides us with exactly what we need. This street that we live on has already been such a blessing. We have the best neighbors who already have taken such good care of us. We feel so loved and safe. While working in my windows all day I also saw a dog alone in my front yard and I ran outside, chased him through flowerbeds and captured him in my socks and returned him to his owner. His name is Pico. Productive day!

Another thing we have in this house that we didn't in the last is closet space for my craft supplies. Every spare place we had in the old house we had our clothes in. So much room here!

Some of my fabrics:

The house is still a work in progress but we're getting there! We are still so excited to be here.

Some more exciting news: We're going to be in the Commercial Appeal! We were contacted to be in the "My New House" section. I had never heard of it because we don't get the paper. My dad has been over a lot working hard helping us get the house ready for that. Next Saturday we're going to be interviewed and a photographer is going to take some pictures of our house. I'll let you know when it's going to be printed. We feel so special.

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! The rest of our rooms are coming together!

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