Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

It's Halloween...of course I had to make something!! Why not cupcakes?? I got inspired by a lot of different things on Pinterest and kinda went where I wanted to with them...Here's what I came up with:

Note: I didn't use any of the recipes that were in theses directions...i used my own

First, I made the candy corn cupcakes!! Here's where I got the inspiration:

These were so easy to make! Just pipe yellow, orange, and white onto the cupcake and you're finished...however, I wanted to make them a little more interesting...so I combined this idea with the idea I found here:

The insides have candy corn in them too...well, candy corn made out of more icing. This was surprisingly easy to do. Here are a few pictures from this:

Ta da!! I'm going to take a better picture soon...this one was taken on my phone.

Next, I made ghosts, which were also pretty easy to make! I got the idea here:

Here are some pictures of that process:

I made another kind of ghost also. I used the idea of cutting out cones from my candy corn cupcakes and used the cones in a different way. I had 3 leftover cupcakes. I cut a cone out of one of those and placed it on my cupcake on top of a pile of icing. Here's what it looked like:

After that, I just started piling on the icing to make it look like a ghost. For the eyes I used little nonpariels. Here's the finished product:

Next I made some pumpkins. I got the inspiration from my "Hello, Cupcake" book, but you can also find it here:

I used fondant instead of twizzlers and licorice because I tried to make these before and I couldn't find either of those things in the right color anywhere!!! Anyhoo, here is my pumpkin!

Lastly, I decided to make monsters! These, I think, were my favorites. I kinda came up with this on my own, but here's where I got the inspiration:

I did the same thing here that I did with my made up ghosts! The monsters have little cones of cake inside. I just kinda went crazy with the icing until they looked monster-like (which is pretty much whatever you think a monster should look like...so there's no wrong answer). I made the eyes out of fondant and put them in place with a toothpick. The mouth is a little sprinkle that I had amongst my cake supplies. Having that said, here are my little monster friends!

I think we have come to an end! One last look at some of them all together!

I almost forgot!!! Can't forget the ginormous mess! And warning: this picture was taken after I already cleaned some of it up...my dining room looks like this every single time I make something out of cake.

Lastly, I thought I should include a nice picture of our happy family from Halloween. I was a hotdog, my pup was Mustard, and Matt was Ketchup (kind of...I was lucky to get him in the red shirt hahaha).

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!!

Stay tuned for our REAL Halloween costumes. I spent an entire Saturday working on them with my dad. Matt and I are going on a Fall Retreat with the Jr High at our church and they're having a costume party...we're saving our awesome costumes for then. I'll post all about them after the weekend.

Bye for now!

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