Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Most Delicious Cupcake You Will EVER Consume: Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

About a week ago I was looking to make a nice, simple dessert to eat after dinner for just Matt and me. I got on Pinterest, of course, and found this recipe and I decided to try it....it. will. blow. your. MIND!! I knew it was going to be a success when I tasted the batter for the first time. This cupcake will be in heaven...I'm sure of it. They are chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese/mint frosting.

Here's the link to the blog where I got the recipe:

I will have to say a few things about it. First, I tried to make the ganache filling and it didn't even kind of work.  It got really lumpy and cooled to a solid almost instantly. I've made ganache before and it did the same thing, but it worked a little better than this time. Anyways, after that little mishap, I just decided to leave the ganache out and you can't even tell that it's missing. Also, the icing was was runnier than it looks in her picture on her blog. Maybe if you put a little more powdered sugar in it that wouldn't happen...I'm going to try it next time. So...the icing didn't look as pretty as planned, but it sure did taste good. Lastly, I couldn't find Andes mints at Super Lo (local grocery store in Memphis) so I cut York peppermint patties into 4 pieces and topped each cupcake with a little piece. It made exactly 24 cupcakes....I ate 3 that night (but who's counting?). I took some to our small groups and everyone who ate one really loved it....how could you not? It's chocolate!

So...what have we learned here?? Next time you're wondering which dessert to make, choose this one! If you follow the recipe exactly as it says, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Ganache tip (and yes this is like years after you posted this) that I learned working at HaliHannigan's: fill a double boiler with however much chocolate chips, then pour in heavy cream until its almost to the top of the chips but just below. Then melt and keep stirring. It's much smoother and creamier.