Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mouse That Started It ALL

I don't know about you, but I'm a serious Disney fan. My secret desire is to be a princess in the parades at Disney magical would that be?? Even though that's probably never going to happen, I can still dream about it by....turning it into a craft, of course!!! Here are 2 canvases that I've painted expressing my love for Disney.

This canvas was for one of my best friend's birthdays a few years ago. She's even more obsessed with Disney than I am (we've been to Disney World together like 3 times). So...I painted this for her. Along the sides I painted a symbol from some of my favorite Disney movies and attractions. To add some texture, I also added a few jewels here and there on the sides. I used acrylic paint for everything except I outlined Mickey's head with puffy black paint that you would write on a tshirt with. I finished it off by writing a Walt Disney quote in the middle of Mickey with a Sharpie. This was super time consuming, but so worth it in the end.

The next painting I made this summer because I was just bored and was feeling magical. I used all acrylic paint and sharpies on this one. I decided not to paint the sides this time because they weren't as deep on this canvas and everything would be squished. Anyways, I started by searching for an outline of Mickey's head in Google images. I found a simple outline, copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word, then adjusted the size to my liking. I printed it then cut it out and traced it onto my canvas with a pencil...a perfectly proportioned Mickey head every time! After that I drew all of the other icons straight onto the canvas free hand with a pencil.  I covered the entire canvas with the pink background paint (you could still see the pencil marks through it). After I got it the right shade of pink, I got out my little brush and filled in all of the color in the icons....this took 2 days...very tedious work. At the end, I wrote in Mickey's head with a Sharpie, again, but this time I outlined him with the Sharpie too and didn't use the puffy paint. After I let it dry I...covered it in Mod Podge!!! Sorry about the photo camera doesn't take the best pictures. 

I hope you were inspired to let the creativity flow!!

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