Monday, October 17, 2011


Soooo I've always kind of been against the idea of having a blog because the thought of people bein all up in my business out in the open internet world kind of weirded me that's what Facebook is for, right? Well, it looks like I was wrong. I decided to start this blog not to talk about myself, but to talk about what I love to do!  I love to create anything and everything. I've always been this way, really. I get it from my dad who gets it from his mom and the list goes on. Nothin is better than sittin in your house on a rainy day with a package of cute scrapbook paper and a jar of Mod Podge...nothin I tell you! Recently I've become a Pinterest addict which has just made my love for crafts and goodies reach a whole new level...there needs to be a support group for people who are seriously obsessed with that site because I just can't get enough.

When I was little I always told people that I wanted to be a potter and a mommy when I grew up (random I know). Although I'm not an actual potter, figuratively I like to think that I am. In the Bible God refers to himself as the potter and us humans as His clay.  He is in charge of shaping us in whichever way He wants.  He makes each one of us unique and He makes us his own.  In the same way, I like to make things my own.  I love to make beautiful things out of ordinary objects, much like potters do with their clay.  Being creative is so much fun and I always get my inspiration from the very first creator...I mean, it takes some talent to create billions of people over thousands of years and not have one of them look identical.  It seriously blows my mind. That passage of scripture inspired my blog name "The Potter and His Clay." 

Anyways, this blog is for everyone to keep up with my domesticities whether that be decorating the house, cooking dinner, making a craft, making a cake, or cleaning know...the usual. I hope this blog always leaves you comin back for more.

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