Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall 2012 Home Decor

Do you know what today is???? It's the first day of FALL (aka the 2nd most wonderful time of the year). I have always loved this season. Definitely my favorite. The cool weather, pumpkins & gourds, scarves, boots, leaves, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving turkey, my birfday...just everything about it! Another thing that I love about fall is that it gives me a good excuse to decorate! I didn't waste any time this year. The first day of fall (today) I was on it!

Here is my dining room table!

Table runner: Home Goods in Cordova
Pussy Willows: Michaels
Moss: Michaels
Large Glass Container: Michaels
Small canvas & fabric flowers: Michaels
Mason Jars: Dollar Tree
Candles: Dollar Tree
Peas, Kidney Beans, Corn Kernels: Kroger
Coffee Beans: Kroger
Small Pumpkin: Kroger (pumpkin pie pumpkin found in produce)

I don't know if you know this about me but I LOVE Mod Podge. It's liquid gold, I say. Here is a little pie pumpkin that I Mod Podged an "h" to. I cut the "h" out of scrapbook paper that I got at Michaels. I love my little monogrammed pumpkin.  The Mod Podge also makes it last longer. I cover all of my pumpkins with it. 

I got these pussy willows at Michaels and the vase they're in from The Dollar Tree. They look so much like fall to me. I already had the burlap (you can get this at Hobby Lobby). I love the idea of coffee beans and a candle in one. I mean...what smells better than vanilla coffee beans? Absolutely nothing. I could smell them all day long. I got 1 bag of beans at Kroger (Kroger brand) for $5 and it filled 3 jars. Pretty good!

I got this little 5x7 canvas at Michaels (package of 2 for like $2 because they were on sale). I painted it orange/red then painted little green stems. I got the fabric flowers at Michaels. They were $4 each but they came with 2 each. So 2 of the brown flowers were $4 and 2 of the while flowers were $ get the picture.  I wrote "happy fall" on it (because fall is very happy) and covered it in Mod Podge. Lastly I stuck the little flowers on. I also got that little easel at Michaels. 

The moss I got at Michaels for about $6. I love moss...I want it everywhere. The acorns I found in my yard. The perfect fally touch.

The large container in the middle I made by layering split peas, kidney beans, and corn kernels in a large vase. I had leftovers and made this little one (above) to go on my kitchen counter.

Next, I made a little fall banner. I was originally going to have it say "happy fall" but I didn't have enough white cardboard letters to spell "happy" (I got these a few months ago at Hobby Lobby)...also, now looking back on it, it would't have fit on my china cabinet anyways. All I did was cut out circles with my circle cutters and attach them to the cabinet with tape and ribbon. At first they started twisting and it was driving me crazy. My solution was to tape quarters to the back of them to weigh them down a bit. It worked!! It also made the banner worth a whole dollar more.

I can't get enough of pumpkins in the fall. I had to have some for my front porch!! Why carve them when you can paint them? I also made an "H" out of buttons on the purple one. People may ask why I painted my pumpkins green with pink polka dots or them I say: why not?

Here's another little plaque I made last year that has made a comeback.  It's hanging on my carport door.

Last, but certainly not least, let me introduce to you my dear friend, Edna.

Sometimes I start to make things then halfway through I start wondering what the heck am I doing and where I am going with it. Edna was the result of one of those moments.  Last year I made Edith the squash and Norb the pumpkin. I couldn't look at them without laughing. Here's a pic for old times sake:

Edna likes to walk a little more on the wild side. I mean...she has a nose piercing.  I don't even know. 

Hope you were inspired to get to decorating! Be sure to enjoy the cooler weather, always a treat after a good hot Memphis summer (yuck), and oh yeah....HAPPY FALL!!!

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