Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gender Reveal Party

As I've mentioned before, we found out a little over a month ago that we're having a GIRL!! We were shocked. She's the 2nd girl in 5 generations of Hedgepeth men. The first one is Matt's sister who was number FIVE. We just thought we'd have a houseful of boys. I've always wanted a little girl but didn't think it'd happen for a while or possibly ever. I love little boys so I was perfectly happy with that option as well. God had different plans!!

Matt and I decided to find out our baby's gender before everyone the night of our ultrasound. We wanted to have that special moment with just the 2 of us. So we had our ultrasound and had the tech write the gender on a card I gave her and she put it in an envelope. We went downtown that night. Before our reservations we went to the rooftop of the Peabody and we opened it together. Well, Matt opened it upside down so at first we just saw blank..but then I saw pink! I thought I was seeing things. The tech wrote "It's a Little Girl" in pink marker. We were in complete shock. I think I said "I can't believe it" 100 times that night. Matt wanted a girl too so we were both so excited.

We kept it a secret from a Tuesday to a Friday. It was so hard not to tell! We told our close friends and family at a gender reveal party at our house. I had the house decorated for a whole month before the party. Matt thought I was crazy. I was just so excited to find out what our baby was!! We told everyone by cutting a cake made my yours truly. I tried so hard to think of a different way to tell everyone but I have a cake business and it just made sense. Plus I could not for the life of me come up with something else. It worked out just great. 

Here are some pics from our party:

On the left I had pink balloons and a girly onesie hanging up and on the right I had blue balloons with a little boy onesie. I had that little table in the attic and I brought it down to cut the cake on. It'd be too cramped to have 30 people try and squash into the dining room for the reveal so we brought the cake in here when it was time.

I got the banner at Hobby Lobby. It came pre-assembled. It was on sale so it was like $2.50. It has 12 triangles which was just the amount I needed. The Lord provides!! I used scrapbook paper to glue to the existing triangles and I used alphabet stencils from Hobby Lobby to paint the letters on.

I wanted a way to display our ultrasound pics. I was going to buy little frames but then I found something better (and cheaper) amongst my craft supplies. I found these little pieces of scalloped wood. I had a little bit of chalk paint leftover from my dining room table project and painted them. I then cut out and glued scrapbook paper to it then a little painted clothespin. So easy. I hung these in my craft room to display pictures after the party. They're so easy to change out whenever you want!

I put a box under the fabric (Hobby Lobby) under the cake to add some layers to the table. I made the jars for a previous event so I already had them. I got the jars, ribbon and burlap flowers at Hobby Lobby.

 I wanted silhouettes for my table but didn't want to buy them because I'm cheap. I got the 2 frames at Hobby Lobby and went to Google images and found these silhouettes of a little girl and boy. I printed them and traced/filled them in with a silver pen I had. I matted them with scrapbook paper. I put the little girl one in her nursery!

We had lots of desserts. Cute decorated cookies, rice krispy treats, Gibsons donuts and a Katie Cake!  

This little cake banner was so easy to make. Some skewers, little cord ribbon, tiny clothespins (Hobby Lobby or Michaels), scrapbook paper, burlap (I bought these tiny triangles already cut out on the banner aisle), and letter stickers!

Also in the dining room I have this little buffet where I had pink and blue plates, forks and a little place where you could vote boy or girl. I got the paint chips at Walmart when I was doing some shopping. I got all different blues and pinks and cropped them to 3 colors each. I wrote "It's a girl" on the pinks and "It's a boy" on the blues. Everyone wrote their name on the back and put it in my little pot on the table.

We have a bar in the living room that ended up being perfect for drinks. I made little tissue balls to decorate it (see tutorial from this previous post). I had blue punch (blue Hawaiian Punch mixed with lemonade) and pink lemonade, coffee punch, milk and soft drinks. I love the paper straws I found on Etsy.

And our people! We took 2 group pics. One with those who thought it was a girl and one with everyone who thought it was a boy. I made the signs out of little flat canvases, ribbon and scrapbook paper. I used my same stencils I used for the banner to trace the letters then I filled them in with black sharpie. 

Note: Matt and I were in the boy pic because we wanted to stay true to our original assumptions. Also notice our dog Elphie in the girl pic. She walked over and got in the pic then left after it was done. Haha she's so weird.

And it is time!!

I think everyone was a little excited! I had it filmed from 2 angles. Someone filmed us and then I had my little camera on a tripod facing everyone else to get their reactions which were priceless. I took a snapshot of everyone finding out from the video so it's a little blurry but I love it nonetheless.

My mom had a huge pink bag of a lot of little clothes she made me as a baby in her car. She had a boy one with my brother's stuff too. She went and got it after the reveal. I love that my daughter will wear my stuff as well. I'm in the process of learning to smock so things are about to get a little cray cray in that department.

Here's a compiled video from the 2 different angles:

Everyone is so excited to be gaining a grandaughter/great grandaughter/niece/great niece/etc. But I think we're most excited to be gaining a daughter. We can't wait to meet and love on her in January. My due date is 100 days from today!! The countdown continues!

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