Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chandelier Update, Kitchen Chairs, Coffee Station

My kitchen is far from finished (still need to make curtains and replace the backsplash to name a some things) but I've done a few things that I'm excited to share. It's so great having so much space in my kitchen. I can't wait to get into cake makin again. Here are a few things I've done so far. 

I've written multiple posts in the past on my love for garage sales. I just love finding bargains! I also love fixing things up. A few years ago I was literally obsessed. Every Saturday morning for a month I woke up super early and made my way around Memphis looking for things to spruce up and possibly sell. Well...I ended up with so much stuff and I didn't have time to finish it all. I got engaged and it's not surprising that wedding planning became far more important than painting an old table I found for $10. So most of it went in my dad's massive garage and I forgot about it. Well, a few weeks ago I went to the second floor of the garage looking through his door collection and I started uncovering all of my old treasures!  

I found this beauty. I got it 4 years ago at a random garage sale we stopped at in Heber Springs, AR. It was very was one whole dollar. We needed a fixture for our kitchen and it was perfect!

My dad welded that loose piece back on I taped up the bulb thingies and I started paintin.

I first spray painted the whole thing white then went back and painted the wooden parts Cool Spring by Farrell Calhoun. I have a coffee bar in my kitchen that I already love so much. I painted that furniture as well as my kitchen chairs that color. I really love it. 

After it was dry I used sandpaper to distress the white a little bit. I really love how it turned out and it cost a total of about $4! Cheapest light ever! 

Here are my kitchen chairs. I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby and painted them the Cool Spring color. My parents passed this table and and these chairs down to me when I moved into my previous house. We had them in our kitchen when I was a kid. You can see the layers of fabric on them. 

Last but not least, the coffee bar! I haven't been a coffee drinker at all until now. I also have a new job and it's so nice to grab a warm cup of coffee on the way out the door when it's so cold outside and I don't have much time. I saw one on Pinterest and it was just one of those things. I got the piece of furniture from my grandma. She had it at a garage sale once. It was old and beat up but I really loved it. She gave it to me and I painted it green. I loved it like that but it clashed with my new kitchen and my curtains that I have yet to I painted it Cool Spring as well. All of my cookbooks are inside the doors and more coffee accessories are in the drawer. 



I got these at Goodwill for 52 cents a piece. Can't beat that! Don't worry...I washed them good.

Who knew coffee stirrers are so hard to find in stores! I ended up getting these on Amazon for $3. I got the holder at Home Goods for $6.

I got this little jar with a chalkboard label on it at Garden Ridge for like $4. I'm seriously obsessed with that place. I got the black scooper at Dollar Tree and it came with 2!

The shelf I got at Hobby Lobby. It's perfect to hold all of my little K cups.

I had the white trash can already and I spray painted the inside of it orange to match my fabric. I really like orange right now. Not a lot of it but little touches here and there. I never thought orange and I would have this kind of relationship.

I'm hoping to make the curtains this weekend. I love seeing rooms slowly but surely coming together piece by piece. I can't wait to share more projects with you!

UPDATE: Link to the full kitchen update thus far :)


  1. I love the coffee station! You did an awesome job.

  2. love it i think will try this

  3. Love everything about your kitchen! I seriously need to make a trip to hobby lobby now! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What brand is the Cool Spring paint?

  5. I have that shelf from hobby lobby !!! I use it to hang my pots and pans and put potatoes and such in the baskets and of course decoration on top... Everyone loves it!!

  6. Awesome job and very inspiring! I need to visit hobby lobby and garden Ridge. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed my visit

  7. Can I ask where the wired chicken and wired flower vase came from?

    1. They were from Hobby Lobby almost 10 years ago 😬