Monday, January 23, 2017

Playroom Updates and Things

Like every room in my house, the playroom/Presley's future big girl room is always evolving. I want it to be a fun, whimsical space that's really personal to her. As her interests develop and change it helps me to kind of mold the room into a place she really enjoys. Or maybe it has 8 million toys in it (only a slight exaggeration) so duh she loves being in there. But every time she points at something on the wall and smiles at it because it's something she loves it makes me so happy. We love spending time in here.

It hasn't changed too much from the last update but I've added a few personal touches that I wanted to share!

Here is the before before right when we moved in:

Here's what it looked like when I had Pres:

Here are my first decorative touches that took 32 hours (another slight exaggeration) that I immediately took down because THEY JUST WEREN'T RIGHT OKAY!

So basically I handmade all of those pom pom balls that I strung onto string and hung up. HAND. MADE. I thought they'd be cute but I just didn't like them. It was too much. The curtains were just some I had on hand and were way too dull for this space. With the white walls I needed something more vibrant. Especially for a little girl's room. I love the purple doors. Again, the white wall needed some pizazz. The ceiling is a light pink.

Then there was this:

Then I made this massive "P" that ALSO took 3233234932839 hours (actually not an exaggeration) that I liked for a day then I was like.....things have gotten a little out of hand here, Katie.

It was huge. It lit up and was cool but it was the size of a walrus. Ain't nobody got time for dat.

So I wasn't kidding when I say I've changed this room 8 times (is that the actual number? It actually probably is). And lets be real. This isn't going to be the end. But this is where we stand and I'm happy with it at the moment. It's a fun space with too many toys where we love to play and watch movies and kiss every puzzle piece before we put them together (I literally have no idea why she does this but I've embraced it and I'm all "you do you, girl").

The thing that I'm MOST excited about is my new IKEA light fixture. It's so weird...just like me. I felt a deep connection to it the moment I saw it. It's like it stared into my soul and just whispered "yes." And I was all "Here IKEA take all of my money." BTW have you heard that MEMPHIS HAS AN IKEA NOW?? I've been 3 times in a month and a half which I don't think is too bad considering how magical it is. And lets be real. I mainly go for the hot dogs. 2 hot dogs and a drink for $2 *head spins around*. LET ALL OF MY DOLLARS BE TURNED INTO HOT DOGS! I love hot dogs.

It was $60 so it was probably the most expensive thing there (worth 80 IKEA hot dogs) and it was apparently impossible to install (because Sweden) but it happened and I love it (shout out to Matt and my FIL, Jeffrey)! It's just what this room needed. I've been holding out to buy a light fixture for this room (it has had a super cheap brushed nickel flush mount light in it for 3 years) but I thought I eventually wanted to move Presley's chandelier from her nursery over. She's not leaving her nursery any time soon and I just decided that that is too fancy and I wanted something more funky in here. *Enter IKEA*

I got this cute table and chairs on a local FB resale site and painted it. Pres loves it and sits here and "reads" almost every day. Also, she LOVES flowers (fake, real, flowers in books...she doesn't discriminate). She will spot one then start dramatically sniffing and it makes me laugh every time. I'll hear her start to sniff (it's that loud) and I'll look up and she'll be sniffing a page in a book with a flower on it. Makes me LOL every time. You should see her in the silk flower aisles of Hobby Lobby. She could sniff for hours. So I got her a little bouquet of silk daisies (that actually came from my high school bedroom that I saved for some reason). 

Santa loves a good deal and stood in a 45 min long line at Walmart on Black Friday to get Pres the cutest Hello Kitty kitchen for Christmas. It was $40 on Black Friday but originally $70 (Amazon). It was so dang packed I..I mean Santa...literally held this huge box above my...I mean his...head to maneuver around the place. Which, let me point out, wasn't easy after my...his...large Thanksgiving feast that was just indulged in. Who needs a new years resolution to exercise or whatever when there's Black Friday? You'll lose like 39 lbs in one day trying to master the vicious crowds. That was a free tip. You're welcome. 

My MIL gave her the adorable apron to go with it. I hung that with a decorative Command hook. Have I mentioned that Pres is obsessed with cats? Hence the kitty cat birthday party she had a few days ago.

She went to grandma's like this a few weeks ago. She's in love she's in love and she doesn't care who knows it. 

This cute window was originally blank inside but I added the poster and cat for her bday party and thought it was too purrfect to take apart. So I left it. And I like it. One day when she's actually ready to move in here we'll put her pink dresser (currently in her nursery) under this.

This bulletin board (super cheap from Hobby Lobby that I painted) is still decorated from her 1st birthday party because I'm in denial and can't make myself take it apart and update it.

I painted her this Pooh picture for Christmas. She is OBSESSED with Winnie the Pooh so I wanted to incorporate that in some way. She loves to point at it and giggle and say "Pooh Pooh" which makes my day.

Lastly, my MIL gave Pres the CUTEST kitty cat bedspread for her birthday from Target. As soon as she saw it she gasped, crawled up on the bed and did this:

I'll end this post with yet another picture of my majestic "ALF"

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I so enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for sharing. I love creativity and so enjoyed my visit!