Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Decor 2014

I know I'm rather large these days because I'm 8.5 months pregnant but that didn't stop me from decorating our house for Christmas!! This is our first Christmas in our new house and I couldn't wait to get our stuff out of the attic. Not being able to climb ladders was a little disappointing but I had Matty there to step in when I needed to hang something high.

We decorated our previous house last year but we were in the middle of packing to move so it wasn't exactly the coziest Christmas we've had. There were boxes EVERYWHERE. I had one corner, however, with our Christmas tree and decorations and I refused to allow any boxes to crowd that space. I was most excited this year because of our mantle! Our last house didn't have a fireplace and we hung our stockings on our entertainment center. This year the possibilities were endless!!

I really wanted to start over with our decor making it a little more fun/bright/whimsical but that was too much on the budget this year with Christmas gifts..oh, and a new baby. Maybe next year I will add a little extra somethin to what I already have. I bought a few things extra for the mantle this year but that's it. I'll have to hit up some after-Christmas sales! I've made a lot of the decor over the years. Visit my previous Christmas posts to see how I made them!

Here are some pictures of our humble abode this year:

I got the old window on the mantle from Sheffield's Antique Mall in Collierville. I got the grapevine wreath at Michaels and the red bow at Hobby Lobby. The red mercury class candle sticks were from TJ Maxx.

Next year or after Christmas we're going to invest in a new tree. This one was perfect for our little house before but it looks a little small in the new living room.

A few things for the kitchen. My mom gave me that little kitchen tree the Christmas before I got married. All of the ornaments are food themed. I made the yarn wreath a few years ago.

Dining room

And lastly, my favorite part of our Christmas decor! Matt's office tree. I gave it to him for Christmas last year but, of course, it was on Christmas so we didn't get to enjoy it. I knew he'd have a nice spacious office this year and he could display it in his window. It's covered in handmade and store-bought ornaments that all remind me of Matty and things he loves. They range from pizza to Starbucks coffee to Batman to a Lego Star Wars space machine (not sure what you call those things). The lights are a combination of red Christmas lights and yellow submarine camper lights. But my favorite part is definitely the Yoda topper. My greatest Amazon purchase. I don't even watch Star Wars but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Definitely a man tree fo sho.

And lastly, the outside. Next year we'll probably do more on the outside but we were so proud of our door garland this year. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great deal right now on garland. 2 6ft lit garlands for $20. Use your $5 off coupon and get 12 ft of garland for $15! We had to use 3 pieces to go around the door so we got 2 boxes. We used the 4th piece to go up the banister.

We're so thankful for this new season in our lives and can't WAIT to hang up a third little stocking next year. Only 6 weeks away from our due date!! My next post will be of our kitchen. My dad just redid our backsplash with beadboard and it looks awesome!! So excited about it. Matt is going to paint it this week (RIP me being able to paint) and I'll post pictures. THEN the next post will be of the nursery after our daughter gets here. So excited to share it with everyone! Merry Christmas!!

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