Sunday, January 13, 2013

Treat Stands

Well...Christmas is over and it's time for the real world again. My last semester of school EVER begins on Thursday (HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD BEST DAY OF MY LIFE). I mean...I love school...ehhhh...Here's the thing...don't get me wrong. I am SO thankful for my education that I had. I went to a wonderful private Christian school (Evangelical Christian School) from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go there. I wouldn't change anything about it. I made so many life-long friends there and loved learning about God's world from a Christian perspective. I've attended the University of Memphis since I was a Freshman and I have actually really enjoyed it there also. I've never been super involved because I've never lived on campus and I got married summer after my Sophomore year. I wouldn't really say that I've had the "normal college experience". My life has been so different from most of my friends' lives at this age; but again, wouldn't change a thing. Getting married at age 20 was an awesome experience for me. It's weird now that my people are just starting to get engaged and I've been married over a year and a half. Matt and I had been dating 4.5 years (I was a Sophomore in high school when we started dating) and he was graduating from college, had a great job, we had a house, etc...everything just worked out in our favor. Memphis has been a great place for me to continue my education despite my marital status. I'm majoring in Professional Studies with a concentration in Child Development and minoring in Sociology. I've really enjoyed my classes. I love learning about how children think at different stages of their development. All that to say, I've enjoyed my 17 years of education and I'm so thankful for it, but I am BEYOND ready to move on with my life. I seriously don't know what I'll do! No papers, tests, quizzes, to my ears. Oh, and the famous question that all of us college-goers get: what do you want to do after college? If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked that...I WANT TO BE A MOM! Not yet, but ultimately that's why I chose my major. It was the closest one to motherhood. When the time comes I want to be a stay-at-home wife/mother. I'd love nothing more. I also plan on continuing my cake business (Katie Cakes). I might get a small job somewhere after I graduate. I do want to do something...maybe work in a bakery? Babysit? IDK....I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

This has, yet again, been a completely pointless paragraph that has nothing to do with this blog post. I know some of you wanted to know what I made this year to give my family for Christmas!! I made them TREAT STANDS!!! These were so easy and fun to make

I went to a lot of different places (thrift stores, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Macys, etc) to find dishes and things (candle sticks make good connectors for stands with 2 plates) to make them with. It was fun being creative with them. All you do is glue the pieces together using E-6000 glue (love that stuff..appx $6 a tube). You can find it at Hobby Lobby and Michaels I know...probably other places too. Once I had my things glued in place I put some textbooks on them and left them overnight to dry. Voila!! So fun!

The possibilities are endless!!! Hope you enjoyed!

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