Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boot "Socks"

So I got an idea from Pinterest recently that is weird but awesome. When I showed my 19 year old brother he literally made fun of me for an hour. My response: Haters gunna hate! Instead of spending $20 (give or take) on a pair of socks tall enough to show out of the top of your boots, how about spend $2 on a sweater you find at Goodwill and cut off the sleeves? BRILLIANT! I have a Half Price Goodwill store (Highland and Southern) near me where everything is 50% off regular thrift store prices! It's cheaper than cheap! I just find sweaters that I like the sleeves on and cut them off and they look just like socks! No one would ever know unless you take you boots off...well I guess everyone knows my secret now. Oh well. I have 3 pairs but I need more in different colors. Hope you find this helpful. I just got these new leather boots from Macy's. My new favorite thing in my closet!


  1. Brilliant and adorable!

  2. Love your boots! May I ask what brand?
    Stacey (from ECS, works with your mamma)

    1. Thank you! I got them at Macy's. They're INC brand. They were originally almost $200 and I got them for less than $90 plus I had a giftcard on top of that. It was a good day. I really love them.