Sunday, October 14, 2012

Organize Your Headbands

What do headbands and oatmeal have in common, you may ask? EVERYTHING! Well...actually nothing but I did find something cool on Pinterest that involves both! It's a headband organizer made from an oatmeal container. Clever, right? If only it was my idea. This was so easy and so convenient!!

I got the oatmeal at Target (Target brand for about $3). I put the oats in a Tupperware container to save for later (although that was probably a waste of my life because we'll probably never eat it). I removed the label, painted the whole thing brown with acrylic paint, Mod Podged it (of course) then put some leftover fabric from my bathroom around it. I had that white fabric flower leftover from a previous craft project. Voila!!

My bathroom is pink and brown so it matched perfectly!

I put some more fabric headbands and things inside it (so if next time you see me wearing a headband and my hair smells like oats you know why).

So there you have it! Happy headband organizing!

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