Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dorm Crafts

3 posts in 1 day? I must be crazy! This is a quick post, however. I meant to do it back in August but looks like I forgot. Before my sister-in-law Anna went to college she came over and we had a craft day! We made all sorts of crafts for her dorm room at Cornell University.  I was so excited because I even got to go with my in-laws to take her to college all the way up in Ithaca, NY (only 17 hours big deal). 

Here are a few pics!

 We got this frame at Hobby Lobby and just glued the black and white polka-dotted flower on it. Probably the easiest thing you could possibly do. Look how cute!

 Lookin good craftin

 I made this initial from scrapbook paper and this letter. We got all of our supplies at Hobby Lobby. I cut out strips of paper and put them on the letter until it was covered and Mod Podged everything into place. I cut out the circles with my fancy circle cutters then Mod Podged them on top! 
Note: Her dorm decorations were all black, white, and red (AKA Cornell colors)

I had her Mod Podge a bunch of pics onto canvases. In the middle one she painted polka dots and Mod Podged a picture of her and her boyfriend in the center (with some scrapbook paper behind it). 

Her desk.

 We got that little bulletein board at Hobby Lobby and I wrote her monogram on it with a Sharpie!

Here are some crafts she made for her boyfriend, who goes to Mississippi State.
The bottom picture has Jeremiah 29:11 written around it. 

 I love her!

Anddddd a few pics of the Cornell campus because it's so beautiful!

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