Monday, February 6, 2012

Broccoli Mac n Cheese, Chicken Ranch Lasagna, & Chocolate Cupcakes

Hello!! are 2 things that I've made for dinner lately that turned out really yummy.  Then of course I might add a little somethin somethin that's sweet to the mix.

First I made mac n cheese from scratch with broccoli!! A perfect combination, right? Here's the link to the recipe:

It was supposed to be white cheddar mac n cheese but they didn't have white cheddar at Kroger when I went so I used mild cheddar. I did in fact grate the cheese was quite a workout. It was really yummy and I'd  definitely recommend it...especially if you consider yourself a macaroni and cheese connoisseur like I do. 

Here are some pics!

The next thing I made was Cheesy, Chicken, Ranch Lasagna! Sounds incredible right? 3 of my favorite things all up in one delicious dish...and delicious it was! 

Here's the link:

Lasagna noodles are kind of a pain in my offense, lasagna noodles.

I used chicken thigh meat and I wish I had used chicken breast meat. Next time I'll definitely do that. It kinda takes a long time to make but it's definitely worth it in the end.

Aaaaannnnnddddd I saved the best for last!!! CUPCAKES!!!!

I made this cupcake a few month ago and it was SOOOO delicious. I even made a blog post about it. It was so good I made it again...but I did it a little differently. Last time I made a chocolate cupcake and topped it with a mint cream cheese frosting. This time I topped it with homemade chocolate buttercream because I know that some people don't like mint. Man were they good! I topped the cupcake with a little Andes mint (for old times sake) and some cute, colorful nonpareils.  I made them to take to a little Superbowl party we went to at my aunt's house and everyone seemed to really love them (who couldn't? It's CHOCOLATE)! 

Here's the link to the cake recipe:

Here's the link to the chocolate buttercream icing:

And here are some pics!!

I hope yall enjoy!!

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