Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cheddar Chicken, Chicken Pillows, Mac n Cheese, Nutella Cookies & Stain-Free Clothes

So I've been trying a few dinner recipes that I've found on Pinterest lately and I've been very pleased with them so far! I looovvvveee chicken and they have so many different chicken recipes!! I. must. try. them. all.

First, I made cheddar baked chicken. I got the recipe here:

Of course their picture looks 230948 times better than mine...I need to learn how to photograph food better. Anyways, I'm sure mine was equally as delicious as theirs. It's cheese and chicken...2 of my favorite things...it'd be very difficult to go wrong.

The next thing I made with my friend, Mary Lyn! She told me that when I reach my 3,000th pin on Pinterest she'd come over and we'd make something delicious (and preferably made out of cheese) to celebrate....of course, if you follow me on Pinterest you'd know that 3,000 was not a hard number for me to obtain. It only took a couple of days...I should have my own TV show called "3,000 Pins and Counting"...I bet it'd be a big hit.

Anyhoo, we made chicken pillows! Do I need to repeat that? CHICKEN PILLOWS! They were as fun to eat as they were to say. We also made some delicious mac n cheese and a salad and we finished it off with Nutella cookies.

Here's the link to the chicken pillow recipe:

The only thing we did differently was we didn't cook the chicken before we put it in the pillow. We didn't even notice that it said "cooked" chicken. So glad we didn't die of Salmonella later. Everything turned out perfectly cooked, though! Oh, and my friend decided to pour the excess butter over the pillows after they were dipped in bread crumbs...seemed like a legit idea to me...I didn't complain.

I made these again 2 days later because we had my parents, brother, and grandparents over for dinner and I thought they'd be a good idea. They were a big hit! My grandfather, Pepe, told me that they were my new specialty...I like having my very own specialty!

Just a disclaimer...I never said that anything I make is good for you so I wouldn't even try to rationalize it...just know that it's delicious!!

Here's the link to the mac n cheese recipe:

You should know first off before you even make it that it's going to be delicious because it came from macaroniandcheesecake.com.....macaroni and cheesecake...what could be better? Anyways, we put more milk in it than it said and just played it by ear...or eye.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so much cheesy goodness!!!!

Here are some pictures of our delicious meal!

Another disclaimer:  Ignore our lack of portion control...you only live once!

See? We had a salad in there somewhere...kinda healthy, right? Sorry...forgetting my own advice...no rationalizing.

Speaking of no rationalizing...we also made Nutella cookies! These were alright. The recipe didn't have any wet ingredients in it besides the Nutella so they seemed a little dry to me. We did add a little vegitable oil (Mary Lyn's idea) which made them a little more pliable. They had a really good flavor, though...that is, if you like Nutella! Mary Lyn also added a little Ghiradelli chocolate chip for a little pizazz...and pizazz it was.

Hurray!! That is all on my "Get In My Belly" segment...an get in my belly it all did...and I was pleased. Where was I before Pinterest?
Speaking of Pinterest, I know this doesn't really go here but I discovered something amazing! A stain remover!!!!

Here's the link:


So, Matt left a blue ink pen in his jeans the other day and I didn't check the pockets before I threw the pair of pants into the washing machine with a huge load of clothes...I guess this was one of those things you learn the hard way. Of course it ruined my brand new shirt and a white camisole. Instead of using this stain remover before, I decided to wash those things again, which only made the stain set more and there was no hope for them. Sad day. I was ironing one of Matt's nicer dress shirts a few days later (a shirt that was in the same load as the pen) and realized that there was a huge stain on the cuff of the sleeve...I was pretty angry...not necessarily because their was a huge stain on the cuff, but because I had just finished ironing the whole shirt which turned out to be a waste of my life. Then a light bulb went off in my head! NOW IS MY CHANCE! I remembered seeing this on Pinterest and gave it a try. I mixed up the concoction, put it on the stain, then gave it a wash and my head almost blew up with excitement! YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL THERE WAS A STAIN!! Of course I forgot to get a before picture because I thought it was too good to be true, but I got an after picture. It was too exciting not to share with the world. Here's a picture of my ingredients and my cuff miracle!

P.S. I added baking soda to the mix because it was a pretty bad stain.

Thanks for reading! I hope yall have a wonderful week :)

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