Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas GOODIES: Sopapilla Cheesecake & Homemade Gelato

How could I have a segment on Christmas crafties but not Christmas goodies?? I couldn't....that is why I'm here now. I was feeling Christmasy the other day while Matt was at work and I decided to make some delicious looking things I saw on no other than Pinterest. I had one dud of a goodie, but that didn't stop me! There always has to be at least one dud with me...Without further adieu, here are some of my Christmas goodies!

First, I made a Sopapilla Cheesecake! I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce it so I just call it a Sopajsdlfjwesdf cheesecake and people seem to know what I'm talking about...or at least I like to think they do. I got the recipe here:
I think I overcooked it a little (I cooked it about 23 minutes) but it still tastes delicious! Here are some pictures of my process:

Next I made...GELATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why the meer sight of the word makes me all warm and tingly inside. This recipe does call for an ice cream maker...which is something that I actually own. I got the recipe here:
I used the 2nd recipe with the cocoa powder. You have to make the gelato then let it chill overnight...I didn't read that before and was very upset that I had to let my urge to eat all of it right then subside. I let the mixture chill overnight and I didn't waste any time getting to it the next day. I poured that baby into my ice cream maker and voila! It was a little icier than I expected but it's still delicious! Here, of course, are some pictures.

Excuse my foul language, but it kinda looks like poo...don't let that discourage you!! Come to think of it, so many delicious goodies look like poo...interesting.

Lastly...was my dud. I am ashamed...I tried to make donuts. After this failed attempt I've decided to let Gibsons remain my main donut provider because I will not be attempting this again. Here's the link...maybe you will have better luck than me!

LIES!!!...sorry. Anyways, I'd show you pics but I'm too's that bad.

So what did we learn here?

1.  Don't overcook delicious goodies
2.  Just because something looks like poo doesn't mean it tastes like poo
3. If it doesn't work the first time...give up

So...that is terrible advice, but I'm not known for my incredible insight.

On another note, my in-laws came to visit tonight and my sister-in-law brought a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!!! I think I jumped up and down when I saw her bring the box in. Anyhoo, here is our lovely house

Now THAT is a Christmas goodie that doesn't look like poo but tastes like poo.

Having that said, none of those things (except the Gingerbread house) were really Christmas goodies, but they are goodies made at Christmas time so they will now forever be known as Christmas goodies in my book.

On that note, I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas celebrating the birth of our precious baby Jesus. He's more important than anything that could be sitting under that tree.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!

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