Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Frozen Halloween

Well here I am again...July and writing my costume blog post...I mean it's October or something. FINE IT'S JULY!! I really did have an excuse to make these early this year though. I'm due with our son on November 8 which is like a week after Halloween. And who knows when he'll actually get here! And I'll be huge and pregnant like really soon and I just wanted to get it done, ya know! 

Nesting is in full-swing and I'm hardcore knocking out dat pre-baby to-do list. Today I went to organize Presley's sippy cups in the cabinet (maybe a 5 minute task) which somehow turned into a complete kitchen overhaul (5+ hour task). I cleaned out every drawer and cabinet and now my dining room table is covered in crap I haven't used in 6+ years of marriage and I'm assuming I never will. So now I have to have a garage sale! I feel like that mouse in If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Where one thing leads to another and another and it never ends. That's my life right now. One big stream of consciousness that's translated into actions and I'm basically just tearing my house apart all the time so I can put it back together "the right way." Idk...I don't know what I'm doing. My brain is a vast chasm right now AND NONE OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE.

Anyways! So Presley is OBSESSED with Elsa and all things Frozen (like every other little girl in America for the past 4 years). I'm all about Tangled and I tried hard to push it but no. Frozen. I don't know what it is about that movie that has literal magical powers over the children. But hey, it is good so I can't complain. I can recite it in my sleep.

One of the best parts of this is that Pres already has an Elsa dress! It's technically a Frozen Fever Elsa dress (the summer version) but it's still Elsa. It lights up and sings and she loves it. My husband was like "is that some weird knock off with Elsa's voice?" Lol. No it's legit. So that was easy, eh? It's missing the jewel that goes in the middle so I found some paper flowers at Hobby Lobby (duh) and glued them on. It cost a whole $2.50 and came with a big pack of them.

I got her beautiful wig at Target for $10 and it just made the whole costume. I bought her crown secondhand on a Facebook resale page.

I needed a costume that fit my robust figure so duh Olaf. And it was also super easy (maybe that's really my theme here). I'm used to going all-out for Halloween but this year has me all fatigued and things (preggy probs) so basically all I'm saying is no dog costume this year. Sorry, Elphie. I had so much of these supplies on hand so these were so cheap to make.

Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby unless otherwise noted. Everything was also purchased on sale (at 50% off) or with my coupon (this may take a few trips if you're dedicated to saving the most money). Total (not including the things I already had) I spent $30 between all 3 costumes. Kristoff was the most expensive at about $18, Olaf was about $11 and I already had Presley's Elsa dress so that was free.


White shirt
Large black pom poms
White beanie hat (Ebay)
Orange, white, black felt (1 sheet each is plenty)
Black or brown pipe cleaners

Cloud Supplies:
Long dowel
Cardboard or foamcore board (something sturdy)
Piece of ribbon

Most of this is pretty self-explanatory! I just free-handed the felt face and glued it on the hat. Not hard at all.

UPDATE: So Pres and I had the most magical night ever at Disney on Ice the first weekend in October and I spent FIFTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS on a bag of cotton candy because it came with an Olaf hat that was just too good to be true. It's made of like foam and terrible quality but hey! It's just what I needed. So now Pres thoroughly enjoys playing dress up in this DIY Olaf hat so it was still worth it.

The cloud wasn't hard at all but was a little more complicated just because I didn't have directions and had to figure it out. I think it really made the outfit though so it was worth it.

I painted the dowel white then poked it through a piece of sturdy, rectangular cardboard. I hot glued it in place on the top and bottom.  It was a little saggy so I cut up some foamcore board and glued it on. Still a little floppy. So I got a piece of ribbon and glued it taught on one side of the cardboard to the top of the dowel on the other side. That way it's being held up by something. This will make more sense in a picture.

After this I glued the snowflakes to string and the string to the bottom of the cardboard (underside of cloud). I already had these because I was in charge of decorating the Father Daughter Dance at my church in February and it was Winter Wonderland themed. I went all out Frozen. I gathered supplies right after Christmas when everything was 90% off . So I had a ton of these snowflakes from that. Lucky me! 

After I did that I just started gluing the fluff to the cardboard. This made me want to say bad words and the glue kept burning me but it happened. You just have to work with it to make sure everything is covered. I was sure to wrap it around the edges so you couldn't really tell there was something in it. I poked the snowflakes out as I was gluing the fluff around them. That's it!

Matt was Kristoff. This was probably the most complicated costume but it wasn't bad. 


Gray tshirt
Red grosgrain ribbon
Purple grosgrain ribbon
Red decorative ribbon for sash
Appx 1/2 yard of fur from the fabric department
Black beanie (Ebay)
Big black pom pom ball

I first cut the "v" at the neckline. Then I cut the fur into strips and sewed them around the bottom, sleeves and inside the neck. I did it with a zigzag stitch so it'd have some give to it. You could probably just use hot glue as an alternative. I just glued the ribbon around the neck for the red/purple design, being sure to use a lighter to melt the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying. I also glued on the sash at the waist. So that's it! A little time consuming but wasn't hard at all.

So now we're ONE DAY AWAY from having our boy and I'm finishing this blog post up before I finish up packing our hospotal bags (omg). Last night was Halloween and we had a great time. Of course I'm MASSIVE so not my most comfortable holiday but I ate alot (like alot) and had a great time anyways. It was so fun seeing Presley really getting into it this year. She left her wig on all night and kept reassuring us that "I'm Presley and I'm Elsa." She wanted to make sure that even though she was an exact replica of the real Elsa she was still Presley. Now every time I show her a pic from that night and point at her and ask her who that is she will only say "That's Elsa."

I can't believe that next year I'll have a one year old little boy to dress up! He's going to hate me. JK he's going to love me he has no choice. Well, until then!! Nursery post to come soon!

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