Monday, August 15, 2016

Shutter Picture Display

My daughter always wants to be outside. Even when it's 105 degrees. I'm an indoor air conditioning/movie-watching kind of girl in the summer. I can't WAIT for Fall weather and park visits and evening walks around the block. Fall is my JAM! A few months ago when it was still bearable outside I took Presley on one of our walks around the block and came across a curb-side treasure!! I LOVE CURB-SIDE TREASURES!! I've found so many cool things on the side of the road. Well, Pres was in her wagon along with the dog when we came across these awesome shutter doors! They were in rough shape but I loved them! I was about half a block away from home but I thought that by the time I got home and loaded my babe in her carseat and got back they'd be gone! So I somehow carried both of them while pulling the wagon. I really hope my neighbors didn't see this. 

All I did was remove the pull and hardware, sand them really good and paint them with some white paint I had on hand to clean them up some. I screwed them directly to the wall in my entry hall and bedroom and used little clothespins to attach pictures to them. The pictures originally covered them but my little human thought it was way too fun to remove and hide them all over the house. Thus they're now only at the top of the shutters. Every time we walk past one she gasps, points and says "daddy! daddy!" Yeah she's said "momma" before but that was about it. Only "daddy." It's not annoying at all. I BIRTHED YOU SAY MY NAME! Welp that's all I have to say bout that! I love my trashy treasures!

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