Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Rapping (Wordddd)

No no...not rapping...wrapping. It just seemed like a good title at the moment.

I can't tell you WHAT I made for my homemade Christmas gifts this year (I'll make a post on them after Christmas) but I can tell you how I wrapped them. I wanted to do this post before Christmas in case it might come in handy and help a sista out. My gifts that I made are the strangest shapes, making it very hard to wrap them. I made the gifts this summer (haters gunna hate I guess...I take Christmas VERY seriously) and I decided that over Fall Break (yes...that was in the beginning of October) that I'd figure out the wrapping situation. I literally sat and pondered for forever trying to find a solution. I wanted it to be cute...that was very important. They were too weird of a shape to fit in bags and I definitely couldn't wrap them. I tried cellophane but, excuse the crude language, that was a pain in my BUTT!!!! Cellophane will NOT be in heaven. I know this because every good and perfect gift is from above. Cellophane is NOT good and it is NOT perfect. That's my logic on it at least. Carrying on...I went to Garden Ridge looking for a solution, but because it was October they didn't have any Christmas wrapping supplies out...makes sense I guess. I knew Hobby Lobby wouldn't fail me! When have they failed me before? NEVER! I made the long journey from East Memphis to Germantown and there was my solution...right before my eyes...with lights from heaven shining down up on it in the party decoration aisle. PLASTIC TABLE CLOTHS!

It was the greatest epiphany of all time! Tissue paper and other wrapping supplies that I looked at on the wrapping aisle were too small for my task. With table cloths, I could cut them to whatever size I wanted! They are like $2.99 each and they wrapped appx 4 items each. Pretty cheap! I also got some curly ribbon (comes already curled and I got 2 per package for $1.99...I also separated each one into 2 so I got 4 per package) and Santa gift tags (I actually found these things on the wrapping aisle). 

I simply wrapped my item with the table cloth, grabbed in in a wad at the top, tied a tight ribbon around it with a sturdy knot (being sure to add the tag at this point), then added the pretty, curly green ribbon! I'm so happy with the way they turned out. Who woulda thought? Table cloths!

Happy wrapping!


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