Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dorm Room Survival Kit

Here's a little post on what we gave my sister-in-law for her high school graduation!

I think this would be a fun gift for any girl going away to college. I gave her a dorm room survival kit. 

I got all of the stuff at Target! The whole thing cost about $30 and it included:

Basket (storage section of the store)
Mini notebook to write in
Hand sanitizer
4 packets of hot cocoa mix
2 fingernail polishes
Fingernail polish remover
Cotton pads
Nail file
Ibuprofen (for those reoccurring unfortunate situations)
Mini stapler
Post-it note cube
Tiny thing of Vaseline lip balm
Index cards
Mini sewing kit made out of a Mason jar

I also gave her a Goulds massage gift card because it was a combined birthday and graduation gift. 

I made the card that says "Anna" out of scrapbook paper and stickers!

The sewing kit was so easy to make. I had a mason jar sitting around (because I love them) and I also had some fluff and cute fabric. It's pretty self-explanatory. Cover the fluff with fabric and put it in the lid of the jar and hot glue it into into place. I got the mini sewing kit and things to go in it at Hobby Lobby in the fabric department. The kit cost about $3.

And here's a picture of the card & cute little lip balm...so tiny.

I wrapped the whole thing in cellophane that I got at Hobby Lobby with some cute ribbon. 

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